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Proficient in Common Lisp, Python, Guile Scheme, Emacs Lisp and Javascript. Familiarity with Ruby, Racket, Clojure, Java, C.


Have worked with tools and technologies that include git, Gnu Emacs, Gnu Guix packaging, Archlinux packaging, web servers (Apache), heroku, container fronts (Docker), SQL (PostgreSQL) and NoSQL (MongoDB, CouchDB) databases, static site generators (Jekyll, Hugo, Haunt), and web design frameworks.

Free Software Contributions

Contributed to

Gnu Guix, Arch Linux, heroku-common-lisp-buildtool, docker-android, postinstall, ox-haunt and more.

Work experience

Math tutor

2012 - present

Provided tutoring, to a variety of students in high school and undergraduate level Math.

Break the Borders

2014 - present

Developed and designed the website of the organisation, hosted at https://breaktheborders.gr.

Developed internal CRM tools to streamline the operations of the organisation.

Greek Army - Mandatory Military Service

2018 - 2019

Completed my military service as a Reserve Officer, was selected as leader of my training year.

Developed internal tools for the simplification of logistics operations and handling the clearance of expenditure in the military camp where I was appointed.

Developed a survey tool to gather data on the efficiency of the training methods.


Native Greek speaker, proficient in English, conversant in German.

Organised Network Security and Programming workshops in Local Youth Centers.

Bachelor of Science in Math from UoA.

Consistently self-taught and an avid reader.