This post is intended as a dumping of my ideas and my someday org-file to look upon the projects that I would like to do in the year 2020. The main reason is to relieve and at the same time actualize the pressure these projects put upon me. By sharing them with my, admittedly almost non-existent, audience I achieve the kind of peer pressure that makes me strive. At the same time, a person reading these lines may be interested in collaborating with me on some of these projects. That would be awesome, since one of my major resolutions is to be more actively communicating with other similarly minded people.

Along with Giorgos, a special friend of many years, we have actually started a podcast, in Greek, researching and sharing our ideas on conspiracy theories and mysteries. Taking a logical but also sentimental approach we would like to share some insight on how we believe in conspiracy theories, how these ideas thrive and spread and at what part of our brain these ideas speak. Work on this project has already started and you can check the early design at I hope we can keep this up, we just recorded our fist episode and it was a lot of fun. Recording around 10 episodes would be a pretty achievable goal for this year!

creating racket build-tools and importer for guix

I've started researching this issue late last year and it's pretty interesting. At the moment some work has been done but much more needs to happen. Since racket has become my go-to language for creating gui apps, I would really like to have the ability to use the guix system for managing and building my racket projects. There is inspiration from the racket2nix project, so I hope we are at a good path. At the same time the racket packaging system is quite unique at how it handles various layers it defines so the proper abstractions to handle them the way guix works need to be researched.

petition application for Greece's issues

The political situation in Greece right now is pretty daunting. The current government balances between classical conservatism, neo-liberalism and alt-right. At the same time most Greeks are de-sensitized to most political issues after more than ten years of terroristic regression. Police has started to take an overly aggressive stance against any action that promotes self-governance and tries to dissolve any opposition movements, even orchestrating a large operation to evacuate squats. I think it would favorable to have a specific petition web service, that would share the public's views on arising issues with the appropriate politicians, if at least as a tool to exert some pressure on the current political system. It's not much but it could help.


We are at the start of Web 3.0 (lol buzzwords). Whatever the trends, I think that there is great work on decentralized networks. Some projects I would like to understand and contribute to are IPFS, Pleroma and the other ActivityPub implementations. I would like to start contributing to software like that since it has become a major part of my computing.

Emacs is another piece of software I would like to contribute more to. Things look a bit hard for a newcomer, but I hope this will be the year that I will finally get a good grasp of the internals of my beloved editor-operating system-kitchen sink.


Now that I've spread these ideas out on my buffer, they look quite a lot. Given that I don't have a great financial situation, so that all the former projects will have to get cramped into an always more demanding work routine, I think it won't be easy. This year I will also consider getting a work as a full-time developer for the first time. It was something I used to avoid so to grow in my own preferences but I've started thinking that a professional setting may help me grow more at this point and also enable me more financially. Only time will tell. If your still reading and have an interesting offer for work or collaboration you are welcome to contact me!

That's all for now.