There are these times when every day life seems to be so hectic. Right now between my work in the military, studying the great book "Clojure for the brave and true", solving Advent of Code challenges as practice to my mediocre Common Lisp skills, hacking away in Rails, trying to be at least minimally physically active and studying math leaves little room for my ever growing Someday to-do list.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining. Quite the contrary to be honest. This time was pre-destined to come and it wasn't like this some years ago. Some years ago I used to slack around and think about all these great things. I thought about so many things for so long, days and days spent doing nothing more than sharpening, or as others may say burning, my wits. But I lost time, and now I'll get it back, armed with dreams of two centuries ahead.

One of those sessions in creative dissonance was spend with some songs in repeat, because none of those there was to change the playlist. And the most distinct of the tracks was this: {{< youtube rMToQg0vSds >}}

It has even become a recurring joke among good friends! War on drugs are a perfectly fine band. Their music is dreamy and soft but on the same time energetic. Like mellow mornings in the nature, hiking, drifting along cool breezes. Or finding beauty in the concrete abomination that is the city, in a small apartment where I used to let my youth go to waste.