Oh, New Order.. Since the first time I heard "Temptation" sung by Mark's underage girlfriend in Trainspotting they have been a constant in my music tastes. The post-punk aesthetic, the dance elements and the "I'm trying so hard to not make sense" lyrics are a combination that I can't get over, so I return and return and return listening to their music and re-discovering so many of their great tracks, every once in a while.

So it is intimate time again, isn't it? There was this time that I was really preparing for changes. Haven't you been there? This time I was alone and I was the enemy. There was just this confusion, actions that were incomprehensible, bad habits not programmed to change. And then boom!

It was early in the morning waking in a profound sense of dread and awe, like the mornings you want to cry and laugh and then cry some more because why do they still keep the machine turning and what cog am I supposed to be and don't you know that people are born free?

So I'm in this state and someone around me is getting all uncomfortable, but hey "don't you love New Order?". But no the sense was not shared so it was a lonely path, a road to be taken by one. So in the all-devouring morning the hope that sparkled and fell like lightning and left me laughing was oh-so sincere so I called my family and friends crying of happiness and resentment cause they were there in my lonely path.

And this was the soundtrack of that moment: {{< youtube 0NZfjbht79M >}}

And I'm not the kind that likes to tell you

Just what you want me to

{{< youtube 8ahU-x-4Gxw >}}

Up, down, turn around

Please don't let me hit the ground

Tonight I think I'll walk alone

I'll find my soul as I go home

{{< youtube liix4FQEaUw >}}

Till the next time, TURN ON-TUNE IN-DROP OUT..