It's been a while since I wrote in this blog and mostly I suffer from the heat down here in a non-descript country of the southern Europe. People, me included, are mostly trying to get back in feeling comfortable with others and that takes time. Isolation is good only if you don't plan to reclaim you socialization.

Anyways, after a month of letting go everything and practicing the zen of self-destruction, I'm back on my usual journey of learning and creating. At least for now math seems to be my main interest as well, intersected with doing progress on the google machine learning course. Some coursera MOOCs are in the schedule as well, for long half finished. Analysis of algorithms is one that I find interesting enough, heavily math based but with a bit of boring presentation from the tutor R. Sedgewick. It's ok though since the subject is interesting enough to ascend such trivialities.

Work-wise I'm mainly doing bureaucratic reports, some web design and some business planing but with not much fervor. I think I would like to have some creative touch-in with programming again, since my work lately was mostly web-grunt work, of the kind that you have to organize conferences with nifty head-tags for it bear any semblance of intelligent work. Meaning boring as fuck.

I want to thank Alan Watts, my past and current girlfriends, the friends that helped me when I was drunk, my parents that were only given back disappointments and the very nature that helps me feel somewhat included, the wild animals I met most nights returning home and of course the other me that doesn't say a word all these years. I want them to know that I try to treat all of them with kindness.

Anyways, this a just a post to remind myself that I bound myself to express at least some thoughts of mine to the external world. And a promise to cater more for this past promise.

And if by chance an unknown reader stumbles upon here, thanks for your time writing these words. There would be better uses of your time, that's for sure.