hi there, welcome to my space in the web.

I've used the handle bendersteed for over a decade now, exploring the depths of computer networks. My IRL name is Dimos (/ˈði.mos/). I'm a mathematician and programmer, a supporter of Free Software since I first owned a computer. You can have a look at my resume here.

Apart from programming and math, I'm really into DIY, amateur radio, hiking, yoga, martial arts, philosophy and poetry.

This is a place for me to vent off and share my projects, views on technology and every-day life and the occasional poem.


Below I list my main ways of socializing in the wired. Don't hesitate to contact me for any reason -- except spam of course.

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Here you can find some of my projects and contributions I deem worthy of sharing:

Pleroma Bot

A very simple bot for activitypub servers in Common Lisp.


A toy, full stack Clojure, app. Vote against things and people you hate.


An org-mode exporter for Haunt. I contributed the one-page per org heading workflow and I use it to write articles for this blog.

Game of Life

A plain implementation of Conway's Game of Life, in javascript. Single page html, without the use of any external libraries.

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