hi there, welcome to my space in the web.

I've used the handle bendersteed for over a decade now, exploring the depths of computer networks. My IRL name is Dimos (/ˈði.mos/). I'm a mathematician and programmer, a supporter of Free Software since I first owned a computer. You can have a look at my resume here.

Apart from programming and math, I'm really into DIY, amateur radio, hiking, yoga, martial arts, philosophy and poetry.

This is a place for me to vent off and share my projects, views on technology and every-day life and the occasional poem.


Below I list my main ways of socializing in the wired. Don't hesitate to contact me for any reason -- except spam of course.

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Here you can find some of my projects and contributions I deem worthy of sharing:

Pleroma Bot

A very simple bot for activitypub servers in Common Lisp.


A toy, full stack Clojure, app. Vote against things and people you hate.


An org-mode exporter for Haunt. I contributed the one-page per org heading workflow and I use it to write articles for this blog.

Game of Life

A plain implementation of Conway's Game of Life, in javascript. Single page html, without the use of any external libraries.

source code


Add an image board as comments in any static website. VueJS front-end and Common Lisp back-end.